Region: CannaVest West

Zack Darling

Chief Eternal Optimist, The Hybrid Creative a subsidiary of KushCo Holdings

4:00 PM Building & Marketing A Successful Cannabis Brand

Zack Darling is the CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) at The Hybrid Creative, a thriving creative agency in Santa Rosa, California, focused on cannabis, hydroponics and medical marijuana ventures. His 20+ years experience in branding, design and marketing serve as a wealth of valuable information that he loves to share with fellow entrepreneurs. Having been raised on a hippie commune by pot growers in the Emerald Triangle, he is truly “second generation.” With a broad perspective that ranges from the front lines of the war on drugs to building brand strategy for many of California’s most prominent cannabis businesses, Zack offers unique context and perspective toward the importance of building a meaningful brand in the cannabis space.

Zack’s presentations are rooted in his core belief that the most successful brands are fueled by authenticity. His favorite topics include, Cannabis Brand Strategy & Marketing, Identifying Your “Why”, Building a Value-Based Brand, Differentiation in a Crowded Marketplace, Brand Voice, Personality and Archetype, Creating A Strong Brand Story & Narrative, Naming & Trademark Protection Strategy, Product Design, Packaging & Compliance, Identifying Your Target Demographic, Understanding Your Competition and The Importance of Resonance.