Region: CannaVest West

Wayne Weisenfluh

Founder / CEO , FinSol Group / MMJ FinSol

3:00 PM Payment & Insurance Solutions for Cannabis Operators

MMJ FinSol provides its customers with complaint and secure banking, merchant services and loans. Wayne founded the company in 2016 with a commitment to solving challenges faced by cannabis business owners regarding access to financial solutions. He has sought out merchant processing and lenders who are open to serving the cannabis industry who can provide legitimate, transparent, and reasonable solutions with high levels of integrity and service. The company has grown to be a valued resource and trusted guardian of cannabis and CBD companies. Wayne understands the depth of the challenges, misinformation, fraud, and messes that the industry faces. Above all else, Wayne and the FinSol team are stalwart in their commitment to protect their customers. MMJ FinSol is a proud member of NCIA since 2017.