Region: CannaVest West

Dan Grace

CEO, Dark Heart Nursery

4:30 PMBetter, Stronger, Faster: The Coming Biotech Revolution

A consummate plant nerd, passionate activist, and skilled leader, Dan Grace practically invented the cannabis nursery segment when he cofounded Dark Heart Nursery, in 2007. Today, Dark Heart Nursery produces over 1 million plants annually and is California’s premier producer of high-quality starter plants. Building on over 12 years of operating experience, Dark Heart is proud to provide best in class products by investing in low cost / high return biotechnology research, and plant pathology and breeding.

Dark Heart is pioneering the cannabis green revolution by combining modern scientific approaches with extensive experience. In 2019, Dark Heart identified the hop-latent viroid (HpLVd), a pathogen that reduces crop yields throughout the West Coast. It now offers diagnostic and curative services for HpLVd and other pathogens.

Dan is active in the community and has represented cultivators statewide on key policy issues. On a local level, he’s worked continually with local governments throughout California to develop regulatory approaches that serve both the community and local cannabis businesses. He’s also worked with numerous nonprofits, and is particularly proud of his work founding Team Cannabis, an industry-wide partnership to raise money to end HIV and AIDS.