Region: CannaVest

Educational Agenda



  • Cannabis Market Trends & Consumer Insights By The Numbers
  • A Deep Dive Into The Newly Recalibrated Cannabis M&A Market
  • Finding Unicorns: Investor Due Diligence & Underwriting Best Practices
  • The Multi-State Operator Roundtable: A Look at Business Plans and Operating Models
  • Investment Opportunities In Legal Cannabis: Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Private Equity, ETF’s & SPACs
  • Conscientious Capitalism & Impact Investing: How Commercial Opportunities Help Drive Social Justice in the Cannabis Space
  • Debt and Equity Capital Raising: A look at Deal Structures, Terms and Conditions
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: Brand Building, Marketing & Packaging
  • Finding Relative Value in the Cannabis Sector: The Equity Analysts; Roundtable
  • Private vs. Public Cannabis Real Estate Investment Opportunities: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze
  • Do you know what you are Buying? Risk Assessment & Risk Analysis of Cannabis Operators
  • Financial Technology and Banking Solutions for the Cannabis Industry
  • Insurance Solutions for Proper Risk Management
  • Navigating the Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Maze
  • Investment Opportunities in Hemp & CBD
  • Cannabis-Infused Beverages: Beyond the Hype & Excitement

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