Region: CannaVest

CannaVest West

The Institutional Capital Forum

CannaVest is the only official industry sponsored trade association investment forum where single and multi-family offices, institutional investors, cannabis companies looking to showcase their products/services and investment funds looking to raise capital will convene. CannaVest West has been created specifically with the needs of the institutional investor and sophisticated accredited investor in mind and will provide an in-depth look into the emerging cannabis industry and show attendees how to evaluate investment returns and achieve investment returns uncorrelated with the equity markets.

Family Offices & Institutional Investors

At CannaVest you’ll learn:

  • How to identify early-stage winners while avoiding the losers
  • How to achieve portfolio diversification with an uncorrelated alternative asset class
  • Investor underwriting and due-diligence best practices
  • Establishing realistic yield and valuation expectations before investing
  • Impact investing and social justice remedies

Cannabis Owners & Operations

At CannaVest you’ll learn:

  • How to understand and navigate the regulatory, compliance and tax landscape
  • The IPO vs. reverse merger route
  • How to build, grow and protect your brand
  • How to raise capital in a competitive fundraising environment
  • Compliance, banking, and insurance solutions

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